The Great Sakes of Hiroshima

Morikawa Shuzo Brewery

Founded in 1887, Morikawa Shuzō is located in the rustic countryside of the green eastern foothills of Mt. Noro .

The water used in their sake production is high-quality all-natural spring water from Mt. Noro, drawn from a well inside of the brewery. The water itself is nearly mineral-free, and among the soft water that Hiroshima is known for, it is one of the softest.

Brewing sake with soft water requires highly advanced techniques to foster the yeasts which ferment the alcohol. However, thanks to the traditional soft water brewing techniques of Hiroshima master brewers, they are able to create a light and mellow sake which features the unique sweetness of rice with a crisp, clean finish.

Their most well-known sake is Hakukō, a flavorful brew whose nuanced taste grows more complex with every sip. It won the silver medal in the Sake category of the 2013 International Wine Challenge, and the gold in the same category in 2014.

Morikawa Shuzō strives to create sake which is like a great supporting actor: pairs perfectly with the leading role (great cuisine) and brings joy to the audience. Their founding philosophy, “bolder flavors and aromas with every cup,” continues to live on today.

Morikawa Shuzo Breweryの日本酒


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