The Great Sakes of Hiroshima

Enoki Shuzo Brewery

Founded in 1899, Enoki Shuzō Brewery is located in Ondo-cho in Kure.

In 1974, the brewery unveiled Kijōshu, the first sake of its kind in Japan: it was developed by the National Brewing Institute (currently the National Research Institute of Brewing) based on ancient sake brewing techniques, and is currently made by less than 30 breweries in the country, making it an exceedingly rare find.

The most defining characteristic of Kijōshu is the use of sake instead of water in the final step (tomezoe) of the three-part brewing process. Freshly brewed, it resembles a sweet white wine with a full-bodied richness, and as it ages, the color deepens to a beautiful amber.

Their Hana Hato 8-Year Kijōshu has won the gold medal a total of nine times (2008, 2010-2016, 2019) in the Koshu category of the biggest international wine competition in the world, the International Wine Challenge.

Boldly creating new sake, like their oak barrel-aged Oak Barrel Kijōshu, Enoki Shuzō Brewery continues the tradition of innovation started by their founders.

Brewery tours in French and sake tastings available by reservation.

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