The Great Sakes of Hiroshima

How to drink/preserve Japanese sake

Japanese sake is drunk across a wide range of temperatures.
In Japan,warmed sake is called “Kan.” This was a common way of drinking sake. Brewed with highly polished rice, Ginjo sake can also be drunk warm but is better served chilled or at room temperature.

Drink it chilled: 5 to 15 degrees (Celsius)

  • Ginjo/Daiginjo sake can be delicious when chilled to around 10 degrees (Celsius).
  • You’ll enjoy the characteristic aromas of Ginjo sake.

Drink at room temperature: 20 degrees (Celsius).

  • The aroma mellows, and the flavor softens on the palate.

Drink it warmed: 30 to 55 degrees (Celsius)

  • An authentic Japanese way of drinking. It’s becoming a popular way to drink sake again.
  • Warming sake can enhance the drink’s umami.

*How to warm sake
In Japan, sake is warmed in a tokkuri ceramic bottle which is immersed in boiling water. If you don’t have such a bottle, a mug or thick glass can be placed in the pot as a substitute.You can even heat it in a microwave (About 40 seconds to 1 minute.)


How to preserve Japanese sake

As with wine, sunlight is one of Japanese sake’s worst enemies. It should be stored in a cool, dark place without wide temperature fluctuations.
After being opened Japanese sake will slowly oxidize and degrade, like wine. Kept refrigerated, it should be delicious to drink for about a week.

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