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Umeda Shuzo-jo Brewery

The Honshuichi brand sake, brewed by the Gomei-Kaisha Umeda Shuzo-jo Brewery, has a reputation for a mild, gentle, refreshing flavor, and a richly-scented exquisite aroma unique to ginjo-shu.

Umeda Shuzo-jo  Brewery is located at the foot of Mt. Iwataki in Funakoshi, Aki-ku (the eastern part of Hiroshima City). Behind the brewery, clear water flows from beneath the rocky Mt. Iwataki. Taking advantage of this location, the brewery uses spring water drawn from 60 meters below the ground in its sake brewing. In addition to local spring water, Hiroshima-grown sake rice “Senbon Nishiki,” which is milled to 65%, and Hiroshima ginjo yeast are also used to brew Honshuichi junmai-shu products with a well-balanced harmony of aroma and taste.

Established in 1916, this brewery will soon have the privilege of celebrating its centennial anniversary.

Befitting sake produced by a long-established sake brewery in Japan, the Honshuichi brand won the Gold Medal in the sake category of the International Wine Challenge (IWC) in 2008. Since then, the brewery has actively expanded into overseas markets such as as Hong Kong (eight years ago), the Netherlands, and France (both five years ago).

Being richly-scented and mild in taste, the Honshuichi junmai-shu is most popular among overseas people tasting Japanese sake for the first time. Not only going together well with Japanese cuisine, it can be also enjoyed with simple Western seafood dishes.

Mr. Umeda, head of the Umeda Shuzo-jo Brewery, says: “Because we have frequently received orders for our products from overseas countries, I am convinced of our further expansion into Western markets.”

Reflecting the brewery’s long, earnest devotion to the brewing of the highest quality sake in Japan, “Honshuichi” was registered as a trademark. Almost 100 years later after the establishment of the brewery, the Honshuichi brand is now making an impact in foreign markets.

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