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Chugoku Jozo Brewery

Chugoku Jozo, Brewery was established in 1918 as a manufacturer of alcohol used for sake brewing.

Its history as a sake brewery is relatively short; it was in 1963 when the second-generation proprietor embarked on the brewing of seishu (refined sake) products, with the aim of satisfying the founder’s long enthusiasm for sake brewing.

As part of efforts to draw the attention of as many consumers as possible to its sake products, the brewery independently continued extensive research into paper packs. As a result, the brewery succeeded in jointly developing the world’s first paper-packed alcohol beverage “Hakosake Ichidai” with Twopack Company (Germany) and launched it on the market in 1967, gaining wider recognition in Japan.

Under ever-changing social circumstances, distribution systems and lifestyles have become increasingly diversified. In response to such social changes, and to accommodate the needs of the times, the brewery has repeatedly improved its product lineup, striving to continue to offer attractive and varied sake products to consumers.

In an effort to ensure a wide variety of sake products based on the motto of “Brewing sake that cannot be achieved by other competitors,” the brewery has been engaged in the brewing of the Misen sake series during the past ten years.

Ai-misen sake is one of such Misen products. In the brewing process, top-quality “Yamada Nishiki” is milled to 35% and fermented using clear soft water.

Capitalizing on rigorously selected ingredients and original homemade koji (malted rice), the brewery attentively ferments moromi (unrefined sake) through a carefully controlled low temperature. The resulting Ai-misen daiginjo-shu is characterized by the well-balanced combination of an opulent aroma and a refreshing taste.

Sakuramisen junmai ginjo-shu is also one of the Misen product series, being produced by using Hiroshima-grown “Hattan Nishiki” rice, which is suitable for sake brewing, and sake yeast, named “Setouchi 21.” The mildness inherent to rice, and a full-bodied aroma, are the attractive features of Sakuramisen junmai ginjo-shu.

Furthermore, with the aim of creating sake that can convey the advantageous features of rice, the brewery has also created its Misen sake as a new Misen product series. Being made from Hiroshima-grown rice “Koiomachi” and “Hattan Nishiki,” this new Misen is characterized by a rich aroma, sealing a mild flavor unique to “Koiomachi,” and a sharp, refreshing aftertaste inherent to “Hattan Nishiki.” As a result of the brewery’s strenuous and dedicated efforts, the Misen masterpiece won the Gold Prize at the Annual Japan Sake Awards in 2013.

Always being attentive to the needs of consumers to help enrich their sake experience, the young sake brewery is determined to continue improving its brewing techniques, and taking on new challenges, thereby contributing to the further development of Japanese sake culture.

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