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Enoki Shuzo Brewery.

Enoki Shuzo Brewery

Enoki Shuzo Brewery, which was established in 1899, is located in Ondo-cho, Kure City. In 1974 the brewery succeeded in brewing kijoshu for the first time in Japan.

At the International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2014, the Hanahato Kijoshu Hachinen Chozo won both the Gold Medal and the prestigious Trophy Award, as the top-quality product in the koshu (aged sake) division of the sake category. It was the Hanahato brand’s sixth winning of the gold medal at the IWC, following from 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (five consecutive years from 2010). As clearly proven by the repeated award-winning success, the Enoki Shuzo Brewery has earned international recognition for its high quality sake brewing skills.

Kijoshu was devised by the national alcoholic beverage technology research organization of the National Tax Agency (currently the National Research Institute of Brewing), based on the old-time sake recipe. It is an extremely rare kind of sake, currently made at less than 30 breweries throughout the country.

Kijoshu has the distinction of being brewed by using sake, instead of water, in the final step, which is called tomezoe, of a three-step fermentation process.

Mr. Toshihiro Enoki, the fourth-generation proprietor of the brewery, comments: “Unlike ordinary seishu (refined sake), kijoshu is brewed by using sake, instead of water. Believing in a significant growth potential of such rare kijoshu products, we have made strenuous efforts to brew a high quality kijoshu masterpiece. Our kijoshu was featured in The New York Times and has increasingly gained a high international reputation, both of which I think are the results of our constant research and the spirit of taking on new challenges.”

Kijoshu has a characteristic full-bodied richness and sweetness. The longer it is fermented, the deeper the amber color it develops.

It can be savored on the rocks or mixed with soda as an appetizer; served with cheese, foie gras, steaks, etc., as a drink at mealtimes. It can also be poured over vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake and other desserts. It is also excellent when used as a seasoning when cooking sukiyaki. In short, it is a highly versatile, quality drink.

Since its establishment, the brewery has been committed to brewing sake that helps drinkers relax when they are feeling tired. As proven by the fact that the brewery has developed into a pioneer of kijoshu products, it has preserved the corporate philosophy of “Always taking on new challenges.” Currently, the brewery is striving to develop “Kijosyu Oak-taru Chozo,” which is a kijoshu product matured in an oak cask.

In spite of being located on an island, Ondo-cho is blessed with both hard water and soft water, which enables the brewery to use hard water from a well and soft water, drawn from a mountainside, to brew this delicious drink. Taking advantage of this location, and based on its corporate philosophy, Enoki Shuzo Brewery is determined to make continued efforts to brew unique, high-quality sake products.

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takashi hashizume
takashi hashizume
2-1-15 Minamiondo Ondo-cho
Kure-shi Hiroshima-ken
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takashi hashizume
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